Make 100000 Fb likes: How to increase likes on Facebook in just 15 seconds

Make 100000 Fub likes: How to increase likes on Facebook in just 15 seconds

Do you want to know that Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye, by seeing the likes of your photo, you can end your impression on others and prove yourself intelligent among your friends.

Facebook is the most popular Social Networking Site that is run by millions of people every day and keeps updating their pic / video / status and likes to comment and comment on their friends so that other people see those photos and your popularity is increased. Could.

By the way, you will know many Facebook tips and tricks on how to increase likes on Facebook and you will also know about Facebook Par Auto Like Kaise Kare.

Today I will tell you a simple Facebook Like trick, so that you will be able to Unlimited Facebook Like in a few seconds on your Facebook photo. In addition, I will also tell you about the FB Auto Liker.

So let's not waste too much time and know how to increase likes on Facebook.

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Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye in Hindi
What is Facebook Auto Liker? advantages and disadvantages
Facebook Auto Liker Tips in Hindi
How to increase likes on Facebook - Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye
Facebook Like App Enhancer - Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye

Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye in Hindi
#step 1.
To increase 100000+ likes on Facebook, first of all you go to and log in by entering your email id and password.

# Step 2.

When you login to your Facebook account completely, you open any of your pictures on which you have to increase the likes.

When you open the image, you will see something like, "You, Shubham Grewal, Riya Singh and 84 others", then you have to move the mouse over this line and right click and then "Inspect" ".

# Step 3.

When you click on Inspect, on the next page you will see HTML coding of the image, what should you do?

Where it is written, "You, Shubham Grewal, Riya Singh and 84 others", right click on it again.

Now click on Edit as HTML and continue.

Step 4.

When you click on edit as html, you can be as big as you like, for example, like 84 was written in my photo, then I increased it to 100000.

# Step 5.

Now close that page, now as soon as you close the page you will see 100000 like written on your Facebook photo as you would have seen on my picture.

Initially there were 84 and now it has become 1 lakh.

Note: With this simple trick you can also like the likes of your photo and brighten your friends.

Keep in mind one thing that this trick is for a few seconds. As soon as you refresh your page or close the window and open it again, your original like will look like it was before.

But the good thing is that by doing this trick you can fool your friends and then they will read after you how you did it.

Above I told you an easy way, now I will tell you about that topic from auto liker on Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye.

Before knowing how to increase the likes on Facebook photos from Auto Liker, let's first know what is an FB Auto Liker?

What is Facebook Auto Liker? advantages and disadvantages
FB Auto Liker is a kind of software or we can also call it online tool, which works on a system, which we call the Exchange system.

The website or app like this, using the same technique, likes to increase your Facebook photo.

How does this app work?

When you login with your Facebook account on a liker app, that app asks you to generate a token.

This token helps in your Facebook photo and comment. In this, the data of your Facebook account goes to them.

Now the most important question is whether your account will be secure after using auto liker apps? You will find the answer in the tips option below.

Facebook Auto Liker Tips in Hindi
1. To secure your account, do not login with your real account, instead use another fake account.

2. Do not use these websites more, otherwise Facebook can also block your account.

3. If you like your photo from your real account, then change the password of your Facebook account immediately after using it.

4. Do not use more than one liker app as your account can also be hacked.

How to increase likes on Facebook - Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye
Today, we will use the DJ Liker tool for how to increase likes on Facebook.

Sometimes this tool does not work properly when using DJ Liker, because there is privacy in your Facebook settings due to which DJ Liker is not able to work properly.

If you want this tool to work properly then make 2 changes in your Facebook settings.

Fb Setting> Privacy Setting> Public All Activity
Setting> Public Post> Public All Setting
After following the above steps, with the help of this liker app, you can like and comment on your fb photo, fb page and status, just follow the step given below.

Facebook Like App Enhancer - Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye
step 1.

First click here and download the DJ Liker App.

Step 2.

When the app is downloaded, open the app.

Step 3.

Now you will have the option to enter email ID and password. So you enter your Facebook email id and password and log in and click on Generate Key.

Step 4.

Now the page will open. There will be a box where there will be Token Code. You have to copy that code and paste it in the second box below and click submit.

Note: Note to be noted, if any type of error occurs at the beginning of the code like error code - 405, then start again.

Now you have logged into DJ Liker app with your Facebook ID. Now we will go to our next step and go.

Step 5.

Now you have to click on the option with Auto Reactions.

Step 6.

Now the page will open in front of you, there you have to wait 5 seconds and after that click on the option click here to continue.

Step 7.

Now you open your Facebook album, and select the picture in which you want to make a comment or like, then click on Send Reactions.

Step 8.

Now let the setting that comes before you remain the same.

Step 9.

When you reach this page, on this page you will get the message of Reactions Send Successfully. So now you can check your likes by going to your Facebook profile once.

Best auto liker app 2019

  1. Fb-liker
  2. KpLiker
  3. MyFbLiker
  4. AutoLikeUs
  5. Apentalcalc

Facebook Par Like Kaise Badhaye I have given you 2 ways for that. If you still have to ask anything in this subject, you can ask through the comment and if you have liked this information, then share this information on social media.

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