How to grow our instagram followers in 2019 / 2020

It,s no secret that business opportunitiees are quickly growing on instagram . Approximately 80% of instagram ,s 1 billion active monthly users now follow a bussiness account on platform.

As the platform cuntinues to grow and develop more intractive features , such as instagram stories , bussiness are regularly using it as a tool to humanize brands . recruid future employees. show caswh products and company culture , delight customers ,and generate new business

But here,s the deal; unless you are famous,it,s reaally haard to amass a hug following on instaagram without some haard work.

For the average personor busineess,growing your following takes time and attention on a daily basis.

 How to get more followers

guys yeh mera id hai aap jakar check kar sakte h
  • Create and optimize your profile.
  • Designate a content creator.
  • Follow photography and editing best practices
  • Curate some of your comment.
  • Use a consistent ,plateform-specific brand voice.

  • Write engaaging,shareable captions.
  • Optimize post with relevant hashtags.
  • Interect with users through follows, likes and comments.
  • Run instagram contents to encoourage emgagement.
  • Use instagram sttories and explore itts intractive features.
  • Test out the live video features.
  • share your profile link on your website and social media channels.
  • Apply for a verification badge.

  • Create and optimize your profile.  
First things first 
                    customize your instagram profile to make its look good ,tell your pottential                                    followers who you are ,and give them a reason to follow you.

                                       How ? Startt by making sure your username is recognizable and easily searchable - like your bussiness name . if any person your business name all ready taken then check a new business name aand unic name .

  • Designate a content creator.
if you upload a photo yaa video then firstly improve your photo quality itts look like a perfessional and add some hashtags then your photto chances to viral.

  • Follow photography and editing best practices.
sabse pahle aapko ek work pe dhyan dena padega 
first of all you start a profile like a perfesional   instagram id  like some example you start a photography tips and tricks .
many people thinking some new things
so make sure your content is also a unic profile.

  • Curate some of your comment. 
aap jo bhi pic ya video upload karte h sabse pahle aap uss photto ka comment paade uske baad sabka reply de iss kya hoga ki aaapkaa followers bhi always acttive rahega 

  • Use a consistent ,plateform-specific brand voice.
aapko sabse pahle aaapne profile ko business account me change karna padega uske basad aapko aapna business account banana padega iss se aap aapna daily ka engage dekh sakte h kitne people aapke profile pe aaye or activity kya kya kia mtlb kya kya dekhe unhe kya kya acha laaga

  • Write engaaging,shareable captions.
write a engaging caption like if you upload a pic so much sure you write a shareable caption because if any person seen tthen he share your pic . after your photto viral ho sakta hai

  • Optimize post with relevant hashtags.
sabse paahle aapko photo upload karne se pahle hashtags ka jarur use kare 
hashtags ke liye yaaha click kare

#share #like #comment  etc

  • Run instagram contents to encourage emgagement.
aaagar apka content sahi or unic raha toa aaapka engagement jyada ho sakya h iss se aapka profilr views baad sakta hai or aapko follow baad sakta hai 

Or aapka profile viral ho sakta hai

guys next video instagram se aane wala hai   

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