Meesho App kya hai iss se paise kaise kamaye

What is the Meesho app, can you earn money from it?

First of all you have to download Meesho apps from Play Store.


Then make really good income from your mobile. After downloading the Meesho App, you will have to sign up on this app. After this, you have to verify your account and you will start having product shows in the app and with the Telegram Share button. You can choose the product according to your interest and share it in Telegram Group as if you have an order near you, then you can tell Meesho App. Before this you have to set your margin. After this the meesho app will send your margin to your bank account. It depends on you how much you send your margin.

You have already learned how to use Meesho App, now we are telling you how to make income from this app. Suppose you are parmote a T-Shirt and its Prize on Meesho is 200 / - and when you are promoting your T Shirt, then you are turning its Prize 300 / - in this way, you have 100 rupees. Earned margin. And Meesho will turn 200 and send 100 / - to your account, in this way you can make income from Meesho App. It is easy to use Meesho App, you can use it easily.

Let me explain you about meesho app.

Meesho is an affiliate marketing app, in this you get a lot of products that you share on your Telegram or on your social media account, so if any person bought that item from your link, then you are paid their commission. The rest is different from the appellate marketing products, in such a way that you can dispose of your commission within it.

Now come how much you can earn or you can earn from it.

You can earn a lot from this, but I would like to tell you in its truth that you should have a good user base to earn inside it, only then you can earn from it, otherwise you will not be able to earn it.

The items inside it are much more expensive than before and if you add your commission inside it then it becomes even more expensive which is not user friendly.

Now let me tell you directly, if you work inside it, there is no user base like an ordinary person, you come directly into it and download and then you want to start earning, then you will not work. Because inside it only those people who have a good user base cannot earn from an ordinary person and this is the bitter truth.

If your user base is good, if you make YouTube videos or you have a lot of friends on any social site, then you can earn it by sharing them otherwise you don't waste time on it because I am an ordinary person I am telling you that you will not be able to earn.

I have told you as much as I know from my experiences and the rest is your wish.

Yes it is noisy that if you sell any item from it then your money will definitely come.

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